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Ginny and Tristan–Their Journey Back to Joy


It started well enough...Ginny had always longed for a baby and felt certain she would love the

experience.  The birth went well and they both came through it without  complications–until suddenly 

it all came apart and Ginny and Tristan were set on a hellish journey for 2 years.

Here's what happened...

The Apgar

Babies born in America are given an Apgar score.  A score of 7-10 is in the normal to high
range–Tristan's score was a solid 9:
  • Appearance–skin color 
  • Pulse–heart rate
  • Grimace–reflex irritability 
  • Activity–muscle tone
  • Respiration– quality of breathing  
Soon afterwards however,  his good health began to degenerate.  Tristan developed Hypertonia, 

a type of paralysis,  for which Ginny was told there was no known cure or medical treatment.


Every day brought more sorrow and heartbreak.  In order to change Tristan's  diapers Ginny had 

to massage his legs while she pushed them apart and he screamed in pain.  To sit him up, she bent 

him like a stiff doll with his legs stuck straight out.  In place of her happy baby she saw a worried and 

sad infant who spent most of his days and nights screaming. 
Mother's Milk
In a misguided, yet apparent attempt to help Tristan, her doctor had taken him off breast feeding!

Tristan desperately needed his mother's milk–the most perfect and healthful food for any baby.

Thankfully, Ginny's instinct caused  her to rebel and nurse him for about 4 ounces each day.  It's a 

miracle that it's possible to restart lactation, even when fully stopped for a very long time but then, 

creating a life is pretty miraculous.

The process was made easier by Ginny taking a daily, over-the-counter supplement, Fenugreek.

I took his case and treated him for Vaccinosis with the homeopathic remedy Thuja 200C. 

We also added supplements to Ginny's diet: acidolphus, calcium/magnesium, omega 3 Fish oil, trace 

minerals and digestive enzymes.  In less than a month, Tristan was fully recovered from his 

"incurable" hypertonia.  

Pervasive Development Disorder

Two years later I was shocked to hear that Tristan had been diagnosed with Pervasive 

Development Disorder, a high-functioning form of Autism.  Under pressure, Ginny had restarted 

vaccinating and it seemed that virtually overnight, Tristan developed a classic laundry list of 

problems associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder:

  • Walking on toes
  • Echolalia–repeating a word over and over again
  • Transfixed staring at spinning objects such as fans
  • Seizure-like activity–his whole body stiffened and shook–he made grunting sounds
  • Difficulty with transition–moving from one place to another caused screaming
  • He ignored everyone except Ginny–did not play or interact with others
  • True night terrors–he awoke screaming–did not recognized his mother for hours

Motherhood was no longer a joy and Ginny was again in daily anguish as to how to help Tristan. 

Believing her doctors when they told her it was incurable, she had suffered alone until one day she 

thought to call me–just in case there was some way to make it better.

At the point when we resumed our work, Tristan had 2 state appointed therapists who visited weekly.

One of the therapists can be seen in the video substantiating the changes seen in Tristan.


I had worked with children on the spectrum before and after taking his case, recognized the 

homeopathic remedy that would help, Stramonium 10M.  He began to respond positively within the 

first week and within 2 months was speaking sentences, playing with other children and making eye 

contact with others.  In the video below you can see the change in Tristan when unprompted he

looks at me and tells me to "show mommy". 


Tristan was placed on a wheat–free, gluten–free, dairy–free, sugar–free diet (see GAPS–Gut 

and Psychology Syndrome diet and SCD–Specific Carbohydrate Diet).  This sort of eating was a 

huge  challenge for Ginny and yet it is was absolutely necessary for healing Tristan's gut.


I added a few supplements that are tasty and children will take without a fuss–in fact some must be 

hidden away lest they mysteriously disappear.
  • Natures Way Primadophlus for Children–powdered, refrigerated, high in Bifidum
  • Hero Yummi Bears Fiber–hide these  
  • Coromega Omega 3–fish oil, hide
  • Kidz Superfood–chocolate, hide these too
  • Lifetime liquid Calcium/Magnesium–vanilla, refrigerate
  • Castor oil packs–applied warm as a pack or just rubbed into the skin

Now I would also add a powdered gluthione.

Two Months Later...

Tristan has continued to grow and improve, pretty much as any normal child would and all because a 

parent refused to believe their child was hopeless.  The message is simple, follow your instincts, 

trust what your heart tells you,  and never give up–we can save our children! 
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